Consultation Fees: As per our practice policy, the consultation’s fee is paid in advance. Upon providing a full or a deposit payment on booking your appointment is confirmed.

Treatment Fees: All treatment fees are either paid in full or a deposit payment is put towards the next treatment appointment.

We reserves the right to refuse booking an appointment if fees are not paid as per the scheduled time.

Cancellation policy: All chargeable assessments and treatment appointments are subject to our short notice cancellation policy. We request a minimum of 24  hours’ notice for all cancellations in order to avoid cancellation fees.

Emergency Appointments: If you are in pain during surgery hours, please telephone the practice and every effort will be made to see you as soon as possible. If you are pain outside surgery hours, please call our practice number: 020 8103 9888

Treatment Fee
NEW patient Comprehensive Examination £69
Routine Examination £50
Small radiograph/X-ray £13 per x-ray
OPG/DPT X-ray £70 per x-ray
Fluoride Varnish £15
Duraphat toothpaste £25
Periodontal Treatment Fee
Hygiene Clean/hygienist (registered patient) £70
Hygiene Clean/hygienist (non-registered patient) £80
Root surface debridement per quadrant £90
Emergency Consultation
Temporary filling from £60
Prescription/antibiotics £30
Re-cementation £65
Denture addition £110 per tooth
Denture repair £120
Extirpation and temporary filling £150
Cosmetic tooth coloured  Filling Fee
Small –  £120
Medium-  £180
Large –  £250
Amalgam Filling Fee
Small – from £80
Medium – from £120
Large – from £150
Extraction Fee
Routine – from £150
Complex – from £250
Infected Socket – from £70
Wisdom Tooth Extraction – from £350
Root Canal Treatment Fee
Incisor – from £350
Premolar – from £450
Molar – from £650
Re-root treatment + £150
Dentures Fee
Complete acrylic (single arch) from £750
Complete acrylic (dual arch) from £1400
Partial acrylic from £450
Complete or Partial
Cobalt Chrome denture
from £800
Flexi-denture from £650
Bridges Fee
Ceramic/Emax/Zirconia /Gold- from £650 per unit
Porcelain bonded to metal – From £550
Porcelain bonded to non-precious
from £500
Crown from £750
Composite Core built up- £100
Fiber post – £150
Veneers from £550
Study Models £70
Diagnostic wax-up £30 per tooth
Bite Guards/gum shield/Essix retainer £180
Teeth Whitening (both arches) £350
Extra syringe £25
Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening from £1999
Implants from £2000
Initial thirty-minute consultation Free of charge
Silhouette Soft Face Lift £2500
One Area £185
Two Areas £260
Three Areas £380
Dermal Fillers Fee
Lip Contouring £280
Lip Enhancement £320
0.5ml Filler £280
1ml Filler £320